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Martedý, 20-03-18 11:55

This only shows your ignorance and vengence.....Nothing else...I wish your dreams comes true.....If it didnot comes true you can say those are my drams.If it comes true those are my judgements....But what happend in Nandhigram....Any news from you....


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Martedý, 20-03-18 11:54

Another tip: If you have the option to select your seats when you purchase your tickets, choose a seat near the front of the plane, but *Do Not* choose a seat directly adjacent to the lavatory. Kids can really stink them up and believe me, you don’t want to be downwind of the opening door when they’re finished doing their business. Ew.


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Martedý, 20-03-18 11:25

yes but what is it that they hope to accomplish? It's not clear from the text. Do they think that "decoupling Jews from the Holocaust" is going to make everyone leave Israel? What's the point? After all it seems that they are giving instructions to NGO that they are probably financing in part or in whole. To what aim? That is not clear to me.


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Martedý, 20-03-18 10:15

Dear Tracy Family,So sorry to hear about Peg’s passing. I enjoyed working with her at Monument, and always looked forward to seeing her at concerts and at retired teachers gatherings. Her life was a model to us all and she will be dearly missed. May her memory be a blessing to you all.Bob


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Martedý, 20-03-18 10:04

James, I admire your optimism, but if you get anywhere near the levers of power with that policy intact then I’ll abandon my car (joke).But if you do have some influence on the next Holyrood administration then I hope that none of the Greens were criticising last week’s disclosure about the Lib Dems dumping the tuition fees pledge ;0)


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