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Giovedý, 19-04-18 11:25

Danke Mario! Am Marathon wird auch nicht ger├╝ttelt – das war toll und besser konnte ich es nicht. Im Herbst war ich super in Form, sodass ├╝ber die 10 km sicher noch was Gutes drin gewesen w├Ąre. Aber h├Ątte, wenn und aber z├Ąhlt nicht! Ich schau jetzt ins neue Laufjahr Viel Gl├╝ck f├╝r deine Saison!!! Ich werde alles verfolgen…


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Giovedý, 19-04-18 11:15

Why don’t you go on to another post and read that? This one is a year old. How about 9/11?I believe you’re a JEW, playing the DUMBASS role to the hilt, but you can comment some more — for now.


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Giovedý, 19-04-18 10:57

hope you enjoyed the ice cream and family time sending lots of pixie wishes for your daughter, and her friend and family, and the whole affected community .. its such a hard tragedy to cope through.


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Giovedý, 19-04-18 10:32

Singapore's trains are eerily silent as well even at peak hour. The only words spoken are "excuse me". Head phones and E readers maintain the silence.


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Giovedý, 19-04-18 09:55

I was actually just sent this and screamed with delight. I wrote the review that you mentioned. First off, I wanted to thank you for writing such an amazing book. Secondly, I’m sorry you were subjected to my poor grammar. Dragonfly is surely one of my favorite books of all time. And I shall pass it on to friends of mine as well.


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