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Martedž, 20-02-18 00:12

understanding of the english language. it comes…from understanding seo, marketing and culture. an american writing for an australian website just may not cut it, even though the writing is flawless.i once read in a marketing textbook that the greatest mistake a business can make is to assume…


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Martedž, 20-02-18 00:06

Wushu dit :« √† soin bureau » ou « √† son bureau »? Petit hors sujet, mais bon. ^^ »


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Lunedž, 19-02-18 23:32

I name mine so this doesn't happen:"Son, get me the Mini-14.""Which one, Dad?"Instead I can say:"Son, get Vera."And if anyone is listenin that shouldn't, it makes it easier if you aim to misbehave.


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Lunedž, 19-02-18 23:09

Sorry you miss yourgran Canyon trip, no worries though, I think it will still be there for quite a while. We have travel plans to take our 10yr old to Sicily and Paris in July! We are so spoiled. Have you tried Taos Mountain Energy Bars? They are pretty delicious too. You can get them at the LA Co Op. Wow, late July is just around the corner! Glad to hear things are going well.


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Lunedž, 19-02-18 23:06

Ja, du har s√• r√§tt. Det √§r tryckt material som efterfr√•gas d√§r. E-b√∂cker etc ing√•r forfarande i gruppen AV-medier. Statistiken skall f√∂r√§ndras de n√§rmaste √•ren, e-b√∂cker skall bli ”b√∂cker” och inte AV etc och under tiden s√• st√•r de gamla formuleringarna kvar. Tyv√§rr. Jag kunde ha uttryckt det tydligare i enk√§ten. Men nu n√§r den ligger ”i f√§lt” kan jag inte g√• in och g√∂ra f√∂r√§ndringar.


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