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Giovedž, 19-04-18 19:19

Ich trage auch Kontaktlinsen und habe mit öligen Entfernern keine Probleme, aber ich mache die Linsen auch vor dem Abschminken aus dem Auge. Lässt du deine Linsen beim Abschminken drin?


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Giovedž, 19-04-18 18:51

This is slightly unbiased and fair. There are other films that shouldn't have been taken seriously, and Brad also forgave them (like Clash of the Titans). I was just surprised that only 11% of critics actually forgave it


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Giovedž, 19-04-18 18:45

I tried taking a look at your blog on my mobile phone and the format does not seem to be right. Might wanna check it out on WAP as well as it seems most cellphone layouts are not really working with your site.


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Giovedž, 19-04-18 18:32

Hi Pat. Thanks for the comment. I actually didn’t know that most teams play slower when they’re up by a lot but it makes sense that they do. Like in football, you run to milk the clock when you’re winning.


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Giovedž, 19-04-18 17:49

MLRA strong military means we are addicted to OPEC oil, and the OPEC dictates where and how we fight. This has been our downfall. We cannot sustain a trillion dollar military, even without wars, leave alone with wars.If there is no war, then we are at the mercy of OPEC and if there is war we are bankrupt. That is the elephant in the house that Republicans won't tackle. Including Romney.


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