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Lunedý, 19-02-18 20:17

Very interesting. I had to laugh when I read that it bounced a bit on the restroom floor at work! Can you imagine if someone had been in there? What the look on their face would be?


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Lunedý, 19-02-18 19:34

I’m new to online poetry communities. Not new to poetry — it’s in my blood, but sadly I’ve suppressed its call for too many years. I’m very excited to have found this friendly poets pub on the day of its opening.


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Lunedý, 19-02-18 19:31

Haase a battu Davydenko???!!!! Sur terre battue!!!!Et ben dis donc, le mal est plus profond que je ne le pensais pour le russe.Almagro et Robredo, une de mes nouvelles recrues, ce n’est que leur devoir de passer un premier tour sur terre battue, je me satisfais quand m├¬me qu’ils le fassent. Dolgopolov qui perd contre Gulbis au moment o├╣ je le recrute pour ├¬tre quartier-ma├«tre en chef. S’il s’av├Ęre qu’il ne s’agit pas du tournoi annuel o├╣ Gulbis ne fait sortir que 40% de ses frappes, je lui en voudrais ├á mort.


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Lunedý, 19-02-18 19:25

hunter13November 19, 2012 at 11:23 amoh well .. this world class, multi epl winner, european winner , the dogs bollocks, pr crosdressing extravaganza, rio effing ferdinand was also brushed aside by bale a month ago…. bale is pretty fast you know..he will brush many aside you know…just saying…as for the top quality some extent i agree but thats up to the owners and whether they want to assist the manager and get him such players…


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Lunedý, 19-02-18 19:09

a laaaaaaaaaaaaa gran putaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa este sabado compro solo brahvas para el techno churrasco y las tapas son miasssss!!!jajajjaa ahi yo pilas para destapar todas!!!


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