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Lunedž, 19-02-18 15:36

How about Pigeon Forge, your birthday, Beth E, and a potter? Was going to say your anniversary but then saw someone mention your bday & I remembered that then from facebook so I didn't really copy that answer The others were my actual first guesses


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Lunedž, 19-02-18 14:36

Love your little purchases, so cute.I think you need LeAnn for For the Love of Cottage to come over and help you strip that wallpaper, she'll get it done in 20 minutes!Happy day!


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Lunedž, 19-02-18 14:25

Cheers! [glasses CLINK] to all my neighborhood friends, and an extra toast to those who can’t join us today! I cherish my memories of you. I feel very, very lucky to have spent childhood/young adulthood with you, and ridiculously blessed to have reunited with you, and met your husbands, wives, partners you love!Janis


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Lunedž, 19-02-18 13:25

Rui Tavares √©, habitualmente, intrag√°vel.No entanto, uma vez por outra, consegue dizer umas coisas com tino: √© quando, sem dar por isso (cruzes, canhoto!), adopta posi√ß√Ķes de direita.Devia limitar-se √† investiga√ß√£o hist√≥rica e deixar de lado as croniquetas jornal√≠sticas, em que quase toda a gente √© melhor que ele.(Outro conselho que lhe dou √© que evite a televis√£o: sai-se sempre pessimamente).


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Lunedž, 19-02-18 13:24

Thank you Sooooo much for mentioning Jott. I’m going on a photography road trip and this will be a great way to note where and when the photos were taken. Also, I’d be able to blog from the road. Wonderful![]


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