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RinoI don’t know how to break this to you, but if you were born in 1950, you’re already age 61? Too late to retire at age 60!To answer your question though, it will depend on what your earnings were for each year. If they were at the YMPE or greater, you can count on approx $25/mth for every year that you contributed to CPP, reduced by the adjustment factor for taking it earlier than age 65. If your earnings were at 1/2 YMPE, your CPP would be about half of that amount, etc.


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"Bad mother, bad parents. Poor thing that little four year old girl. Well she is resting in peace now, at least she won't be subjected to those astronomical numbers of rapes by black males in her area."Better to be thought of as a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt.


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Comme je dois partir, je me plais √† baiser la main de Daaphn√©e, serrer celle de Dexter (excellent sur la pens√©e unique de France Culture, mon cher: il arrive qu’on se taise parce qu’on sait que meilleur que soi saura dire ce qu’il faut comme il le faut), et soulever mon chapeau en m√©moire de M√†c.(Je sais, Tonton. Je suis nul en psychologie bloguesque.Je crains de ne jamais apprendre…)


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M'ouais. Cutts n'est pas tr√®s convaincant -- et votre post non plus -- : il suffit de regarder les . La d√©finition du terme "montre" n'appara√ģt qu'en 44e position, apr√®s des dizaines de sites de vente de montres, et m√™me de sites n'ayant rien √† voir avec le schmilblick comme !


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Oh, Thank you for the declaration! It is finally time to get Cursive and Hand Writing lifted up from their humiliating state. I am going to mark the date down in my calendar right now!


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