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Lunedž, 19-02-18 09:01

Howdy folks. I do the comic Hockey Zombie, which has been going since March of ‘05. Born and raised a hoosier, as well. I’ll be stumbling drunkenly at the Auburn Fair this weekend.


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Lunedž, 19-02-18 08:40

Chers correcteurs (8:09) apr√®s avoir √©valu√© la noblesse des ingr√©dients du civet, nous voil√† incit√©s √† causer d’un duc en mati√®re f√©cale. Quand donc atteindrons-nous le fond de la trivialit√©¬†?


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Lunedž, 19-02-18 08:24

It's worth it, but are you finding that as you get older they hurt more and more? I remember thinking I was so tough when I was younger, but now I'm 30 and I feel like a total wuss when I go in. It's beautiful though! :)


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Lunedž, 19-02-18 08:03

I think there's good talking, and not so good talking. Sometimes people just want to express their feelings, without reflection, or the capacity to listen to how others feel - this probably increases the alienation. Other times a bad feeling is the result of a misunderstanding, and only a explanation can resolve the unhappiness. Sadly, our culture now values the expression of intense negative emotions by uninformed and dishonest people, like talk radio hosts. This has spread to society as a whole.


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Lunedž, 19-02-18 07:44

This is my first visit to this blog. I am thinking about starting a brand new blog in the same category. Your site gave me some ideas to work with. (Dont worry, I wont be copying you ) You have done a fantastic job.


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