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There is so much awesomeness in her SS13 collection that I’m having a hard-time pinpointing a fave, but I’m crazy about those flared pants! Digging the prints, her use of colors, and the varied silhouettes! Love it! Sooo looking forward to seeing the Etoile line too! :) Happy Friday Aliya! Have an awesome weekend!xxTheresa


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has posted a comment on 's post in which Martijn writes about JavaOne 2011: "They're working with the JUG leaders/community to resolve this, I'm pretty confident that the next JavaOne will be a separate event (might be 2012 though) and be community driven in terms of content etc."


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venice // January 27, 2010 at 3:43 pmHe doesn’t have a clue! She called him out, and all he did was agree with her.Same thing he did on the campaign trail when he told each group a different story.What has changed? Except the National Debt!Thanks for sharing…Linda


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This bag for lively and lovely, outgoing, open the girls use. This kind of bag regardless of chun xiaqiu winter suit to use, and need not match any hang adorn the assembly, the bag bag itself has enough lovely.


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