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The staff is composed of:

  • LARA: Richi and Lara’s cousin, the bar woman par excellence, multi-expert of cocktails and of every other drink you may desire, she has worked in Bologna and Lignano Sabbia d’Oro and in every other place and has been working as bar woman for 20 years. She’s the woman of the day.
  • RICHI: Surveyor, fond of photography and barman for natural bent and faith, he likes to make improvisations of every kind, from cookery to drinks, everything under Lara’s suggestions. He is the man of the night.
  • GRETA: Richi’s sister and Lara’s cousin she is the expert in breakfasts and patience. She is the one that listens to your regrets and with whom you can have a chat in peace... mother’s attitude. She is the woman of the morning.
  • ALESSIA: Strengthful and experienced worker, she is the supermarket woman and moves in every field, but she is most likely to bear Richi in his intense nights. She is the untiring woman.
  • SABRY: Just like a mule, the cleaner par excellence, she does not miss a bit of dust and has been included in the staff for the customers’ real need to have a human vacuum cleaner during windy days. She is the cleaning woman.
  • ROMANA: Lara’s mother, she is the woman who doesn’t fear anything, she arrives at dawn and has cleaned and cleans evrything and after frightening nights she arrives and polishes the whole bar. Wonderwoman.
  • ENZO: Takes Greta and behaves as a body guard and also fills the bar’s lacks carrying out small maintenance jobs, but most of all keeps company to the customers while Greta and Richi are working to prepare the bar for breakfasts. He does everything, but does nothing. The undefining man.
  • FILO and ARMUZ: They are the men dedicated to barbecue and are well-known as the best barbecue-men of Romagna. The barbecue men.
  • GIGI or JIJI: He owns the Golden Pan which restores the stomach of hungry people at night time. The chef.

San Marino Cafè snc
Via delle Viole, 2 48010 Casal Borsetti (Ra)
Phone 0544.445102 -
P.IVA 02268000391

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